"I shall also ask you a question and you tell me."
Luke 20:3b
  &  John 1:21a

"School changed my life!"

"School changed my life!"

What is the training about?

Our training is all about empowerment. To equip, activate, and impart to the pastors and members of your church and Christian community in the gifts of healing, the prophetic, words of knowledge, ministry outreach, and evangelism. 

Typically, there are 4 consecutive sessions of approximately 3 hours each. The intensive is held over a two to three day period, conference style. Some organizations may request an extra session(s), which may possibly include specific evangelism and outreach training, a possible session devoted to sharing the students’ testimonies from the day’s outreach activities, or perhaps opening up to the public for healing.   

What is my time commitment?

The intent is that all participants attend all four sessions, as with each consecutive session, we will be going deeper and deeper into the prophetic, words of knowledge, healing, hosting GOD's presence and outreach. 

The pastors, who have participated in these schools felt that the school’s transforming effect on their church body was so impactful that they unanimously agreed and strongly encourage that all pastoral staff, church elders/leaders and spouses should take the class. "See Recommendations Link”

"It's what I've been looking for."

"It's what I've been looking for."

How much does a iSSM Conference cost?

The actual event training is by registration through our website registration process. Typical registration fees for the iSSM Conference are usually $40 (U.S.) per individual and $75.00 per married couple. The goal would to have 50+ students attending in order to cover our travel expenses at a minimum, but we are totally committed to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In other words, if there is life on it, we come and allow the Holy Spirit to work out everything else. The Senior Leaders of your church as well as all churches attend at no cost.

Occasionally, with prior consent of the hosting church, we will bring a small (international) team with us. These team members usually pay their own travel expenses but we would ask that overnight accommodations and food be arranged during their stay. Church homes are appropriate.

Are two or more churches able to partner together to bring the intensive school of supernatural ministry (iSSM) to this area?

Yes, partnering churches together is a terrific way, not just to minimize travel expenses for hosting organizations, but more importantly, bring churches together with one common goal for revival culture in their region. We always hope that even if there is only one church sponsor, we would ask that it be marketed outside the church family through friends, family, social media and so on.

Are Greg and Jane available to minister at multiple speaker conferences and events?

Absolutely. We love to team up with other ministries and usually will speak on many requested subjects including healing, words of knowledge, the prophetic, evangelism, the Presence of God and other Kingdom principals, all with heavy activation. At a minimum we ask that our travel expenses be reimbursed.

How do we move forward from here?

Church leadership simply click on Invite Us and complete the form in total. Please include alternative dates in your communication with the team. One of our administrative team will then be in contact with you with a response of availability for your requested dates. Also, Greg and Jane would like to arrange a "touch base" phone call as a meet and greet with the leadership team of your church.

What is the contact information for the Ministry for questions other than an invitation to serve?  Email: USA Tel: 1+ 530.710.0712